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An Overview and Why Cyprus is a Top Choice

A NOTICE! CM Consulting Ltd. attaches particular importance to always providing consulting services with a view to cost-effectiveness and at the same time creating opportunities for self-refinancing through our own holding structure. We consciously distance ourselves from the term “tax havens” and instead concentrate on offering sustainable and legally compliant solutions that ensure long-term economic success and meet business requirements.

Tax havens – the term often conjures images of luxurious beaches, impressive villas, and tax benefits. But what really lies behind this concept? In this blog post, we provide an overview of tax havens in general and specifically highlight the advantages Cyprus offers.

What is a Tax Haven?

Tax havens are countries or regions that offer particularly favorable tax conditions for foreign businesses and individuals. These advantages can come in the form of low tax rates, generous tax exemptions, or simplified regulatory requirements.

Well-known tax havens include:

  • Bermuda: No corporate, income, or capital gains taxes.
  • Cayman Islands: Zero taxes on income, capital gains, and corporate profits.
  • Luxembourg: Attractive tax frameworks for businesses and funds.

Why do businesses and individuals use tax havens?

The benefits of tax havens are clear. Companies can significantly reduce their tax burden, leading to higher profits. Individuals also benefit from lower or no taxes on income and wealth. Additionally, many of these countries offer a high degree of confidentiality and discretion.

Cyprus: A Tax Haven with Unique Advantages

Among the many tax havens worldwide, Cyprus stands out. But what makes Cyprus so attractive?

  1. Low Corporate Taxes Cyprus offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe at just 12.5%. This makes it particularly appealing for businesses looking to minimize their tax burden.
  2. No Withholding Tax on Dividends Cyprus does not impose withholding tax on dividends, making it an ideal location for holding companies. Businesses can distribute dividends without incurring additional taxes.
  3. Double Taxation Agreements Cyprus has a wide range of double taxation agreements with over 60 countries. This significantly reduces the tax burden for businesses and individuals and prevents double taxation on international income.
  4. High Standard of Living and Strategic Location Besides tax benefits, Cyprus offers a high standard of living with a pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and a safe environment. Its strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa also makes it an attractive hub for international business.
  5. Simple and Quick Company Formation Process Establishing a company in Cyprus is relatively simple and fast. With expert assistance, businesses can be set up within a few days.
  6. Attractive Expatriate Regulations Cyprus offers attractive tax regulations for expatriates, including a 50% tax exemption on income over 100,000 euros for highly qualified employees.


Tax havens offer numerous advantages for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their tax burden. Among the many options worldwide, Cyprus stands out with its particularly favorable tax conditions and attractive standard of living. The combination of low taxes, a strategic location, and a high standard of living makes Cyprus one of the best tax havens for businesses and individuals alike.